REINNO is an innovative company building the next generation real estate and fintech ecosystem!

What do we do?

REINNO is a financial technology company offering a new solution for lending and real estate tokenization with a focus on providing liquidity. REINNO will provide three services, which are complementary to each other – real estate tokenization, loans against property-backed tokens and a platform with secondary market capabilities for listing tokenized real estate. We are covering the technical, corporate, legal and marketing aspects of these services in order to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for our users.

Our Products


We are introducing a real estate tokenization service as a way to digitalize traditional assets. Our goal is to provide liquidity to property owners and a secure, fast and easy investment in real estate for individuals and investment companies. REINNO takes care of due diligence and smart contract development, saving our users valuable time.


Our lending services allow using tokenized real estate as collateral. As a result, RENNO provides instant access to cash and the flexibility to borrow against just a fraction of a property with no credit checks. We also offer loans for buying a new home which exceed traditional mortgage in efficiency and reduce the amount of paperwork.

Token Listing

The REINNO platform serves as a solution for listing tokenized real estate in a similar way that stocks are listed on exchanges. The platform is a complete fundraising and exchange ecosystem that raises token sales to a higher standard, driving them above the sophistication and security of modern financial systems.

Our Mission

REINNO aims at disrupting the financial services industry and becoming the first company to accept tokenized real estate as loan collateral. Our goal is to offer the full spectrum of lending and investment products on the real estate market and provide a seamless transition for the consumer to blockchainpowered services

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